Now, you may look at the below businesses and see which of them you may love to venture into:


  1. Education and tutorial centers
  2. Daycare business
  3. Computer schools
  4. Computer and phone accessories sales
  5. Fitness center
  6. Restaurant or eatery
  7. Snail farming
  8. Poultry farming
  9. Piggery
  10. Fish farming
  11. Catering services
  12. Online article writing
  13. Blogging
  14. Web designing
  15. Fashion designing
  16. Computer and mobile phone repair
  17. Electrical services
  18. Plumbing services provision store
  19. Recharge card or airtime sales
  20. Soap making business
  21. Pharmacy retail store
  22. Painting services
  23. Hairdressing salons for ladies
  24. Barbing salon for men
  25. Wedding planning, decoration and consulting
  26. Dry cleaning/laundry services
  27. Photograph services
  28. Printing press business
  29. Pet breeding
  30. Bead production
  31. Pure water business
  32. Bottled water business
  33. Snacks making and sales
  34. Bread making business
  35. Nursery and primary school
  36. Driving school
  37. Furniture making and selling (in a modern way).
  38. Ice cream production
  39. And you see, hundreds of businesses are just around you and in your brain

But, but, but, it really doesn`t matter if you lack the business know how . We can help you out.

You can start your entrepreneurial journey with any of the above businesses or any other one you know or are passionate about.

It doesn`t really matter.

Just do not forget, businesses are not profitable by themselves … someone make them profitable.

Your small scale business idea can grow to become a giant company, but you have to equip yourself with business knowledge and skills.

Yes, some of the above businesses looks trivia and dirty; yet, so many people have used them as stepping stones for their greatness.

I personally have been to two of the above listed businesses. I wouldn`t tell you it is very easy (because no business is), but I can tell you it can be your stepping stone.

I wish you an exciting entrepreneurial journey.