Data analytics and Business Intelligence (“Data Analytics”) is the process of analyzing raw data to uncover hidden patterns, such as Market trends, Data correlations, Customer preferences, Performance analysis, and other useful business information that enables companies and organisations make better, informed, data backed decisions.

Applications of Analytics covers all departments in an organization including; Marketing, Finance, Customer Service, Risk, Sales. In today’s challenging and competitive environment, Data Analytics cannot be overlooked to stay with or ahead of the competition.

With Data Analytics a new concept in many organisations, these organisations are sometimes short of the skills required to leverage on Data to bring about real value. Tervan Analytics and Urbizedge is conducting high value trainings that focuses of key sections of Analytics, in its proper form, to equip participants with the right skills appropriate knowledge needed to push their organisations into the data driven age.

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Course 1: Understanding Proper Data Analytics

This course is focused on developing an all-round understanding of Data Analytics, its strengths and areas of applications. It will separate the myth from the facts and give participants a practitioner’s view of what data analytics really entails by adopting real scenarios to buttress key points. Data Analytics is be a bit more than you envisaged.

Duration: 1 Day

Course 2: Business Intelligence and Visualization (PowerBI, Tableau, Spotfire)

This course offers a practical approach to Business Intelligence and Visualization. It highlights the role technology is playing in putting Business Intelligence and stunning visualizations into the hands of the average business analyst. It equips participants with the skills needed to make better use of data at their disposal by either extracting valuable insights from the data, designing dashboards with impressive flow of information and visuals, creating reports, and performing exploratory data analysis.

Duration: 2 Days

Course 3: Applied Advanced Data Analytics (R and KNIME)

This training is strictly focused on Advanced Analyticsand is designed for both statisticians and non-statisticians. It equips the average business user with the skills required to perform high-end analytics that includes Predictive Modelling, Descriptive Analytics (including segmentation analysis, Clustering, and Association Rules), and Analytics Model Deployment. Although the training is mostly hands-on, using both R and KNIME, the primary focus is on the knowledge, process, and methodologies of the various analysis rather than on the platform being used. This will enable participants have the ability to replicate the analysis on their preferred platform by acquiring knowledge that is platform independent.

Each aspect of this training is backed by one or more case study that are either real or is designed to reflect scenarios that are very similar to what is found in Nigerian companies. The analytics solutions are designed to address these issues in order to equip participants with skills that are directly and immediately applicable at their place of work.

Duration: 3 Days

Target participants:

Business analysts, data analysts, quantitative analysts, data miners, marketing analysts, risk analysts and anyone interested in Advanced Analytics


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