We are excited to announce that ANDE West Africa regional chapter has just released entrepreneurial ecosystem snapshots of Lagos and Abuja (Nigeria), and Accra (Ghana). With the generous support of the Citi Foundation, ANDE developed these snapshots to provide a better understanding of the entrepreneurship landscape in these cities.


In 2016, we commenced these studies to identify key actors in the Lagos, Abuja, and Accra entrepreneurial ecosystems, andl to map out the kinds of support these actors provide. Further, the snapshots aim to provide insight into existing gaps and opportunities within each ecosystem. As a result, we expect that ANDE members and other intermediary organizations will be empowered to make more informed decisions and tailor their programs towards embracing the opportunities, as well as closing the gaps, in the ecosystems.


We also aim for these snapshots to enable more small and growing businesses owners to have greater access to the kind of support they need to succeed, expand, and create more high-quality jobs.


See the full snapshots here:

As a tool for both job-creators (small business entrepreneurs) and organizations that seek to support them, we hope that these snapshots can help catalyze job opportunities across these cities, especially for young people. Bolstering small business entrepreneurship is an important part of building economically-vibrant cities, which can help promote economic progress across all facets of society.

For more information about the entrepreneurship ecosystem snapshots, send a note to the West Africa Regional Chapter staff: Olatunji Ajani or Joshua Adedeji.