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Vital Capital Fund is a $350 million private equity fund that invests in opportunities which simultaneously enhance the quality of life of communities in rapidly developing nations, primarily in Sub-Saharan Africa, while also delivering attractive financial returns for investors. Sub-Saharan Africa’s growth over the past decade has been extensively chronicled. A litany of reports, articles and studies tout the impressive developments enabled by a significantly more stable political and economic landscape and an increasingly successful conversion of natural resources into important national assets and critical infrastructure. Vital’s seasoned team has over 30 years of successful ‘on-the-ground’ experience in Africa across a wide range of industries.

Having successfully deployed billions of dollars in hundreds of large-scale infrastructure ventures, the Vital team brings a vast network of key relationships to the Fund. Vital’s primary investment interest is the development of infrastructure. Vital broaden its investment prospects by focusing on urban, large-scale, community-integrated housing concepts and initiating fully integrated agro-industrial solutions, as well as giving particular emphasis to education and healthcare. In addition to these important sectors, the fund also seeks to invest in other large-scale infrastructure projects of national importance. This intersection of need, opportunity and experience creates enormous potential for Vital to ‘Invest for Impact’: simultaneously providing tangible improvements in the quality of life of local populations while providing investors with attractive financial returns.


GEOGRAPHY: Predominantly Sub-Saharan Africa


SECTORS: Urban community housing solution, Agriculture, Healthcare, Renewable Energy, Water and Education


FUND SIZE: $350 million


STRUCTURE: Private Equity


TEAM: Over 50 years experience in Africa


How to Apply for Vital Capital Fund:

Vital Capital Fund invites applicants to propose business ventures that could present future investment opportunities for the Fund. Before submission, we encourage applicants to review our Investment Policy & Criteria, which can be accessed here, as well as an overview of our investment process, which can be accessed here.

If after reviewing our criteria you believe your venture ties in well with our investment policy, please fill in our preliminary screening form, available here, and send it alongside any other relevant supporting material to

A representative of the Fund will get in touch with you to provide feedback regarding the feasibility and relevance of the suggestion.


Application Deadline: There is no deadline. You can apply anytime.

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