If you find yourself raising an innovative child, encourage them to become entrepreneurs. The internet has made it easier for kids to learn important life skills at an earlier age, particularly business skills. We put together a list of business ideas from the experts and around the web that kids can start and run on their own.

Here are 25 business ideas for kids to try.

  1. Resell Candies at School
  2. Mow Lawns for Your Neighbors…
  3. …or Take Care of Their Pets
  4. Start a Small Staffing Agency … A kid could create an agency staffed by other, like-minded kids to assist working parents with various everyday practical chores.
  5. Resell Merchandise to Learn Valuable Lessons
  6. Create a Beautiful Website with Wix …. Your child’s brilliant business idea deserves an equally impressive website that their customers will want to visit over and over. It may seem like building one can be a complicated task, but technology nowadays can make website creation easy even for young entrepreneurs to learn and have fun with, so encourage them to check out Wix. Wix offers hundreds of beautiful templates and a drag-and-drop website builder to help them create a website with just a few clicks that looks great on both computers and mobile devices. Wix offers a free basic plan with premier plans priced between $5 and $25 per month.
  7. Start a Project That Solves a Problem
  8. Get Hired as a Babysitter
  9. Create Your Own Artwork and Sell It
  10. Start a Small Landscape Business
  11. Tutor Other Kids in Strong Subjects
  12. Re-Sell Old Toys
  13. Start a Peer Mentoring Business
  14. Run Your Own Pop-Up Art Gallery Fundraiser
  15. Design and Sell Dog Collars
  16. Create Your Own Handcrafted Jewelry
  17. Sell Baked Goods Online
  18. Make DIY T-Shirt Prints and Design
  19. Collect Recyclable Materials in Your Neighborhood
  20. Redesign Simple Backpacks
  21. Start Your Own Puppet Show Group

Over to You

It’s important to encourage entrepreneurship at an early age, as it teaches children valuable skills they will need as an adult. Use this list of potential business for kids to motivate and inspire them to start their own.

Want to share your own business ideas for kids? Let us know in the comments!