Skill development is a means to harness the human resource potential of a region by equipping an individual or the existing members of the workforce with marketable skills through vocational or technical training to meet industry requirements. It emphasizes demand-driven systems for skill acquisition.

Skill is very important in the life of every human being. The reason why many technicians earn more than some university graduates is that the technicians acquire more practical skills than the theories, unlike the graduates who were fed with theoretical experiences while in the universities. Skill acquisition is the ability to be trained on a particular task or function and becomes expert in it.

With the increasing population and the high rate of unemployment among youths, experts are suggesting that youths should be trained in different skills acquisition/ vocational programme.

As a company or an individual, you can offer a unique array of integrated Onsight vocational & skill acquisition training services through the human capacity building.

It depends on your capacity, you can offer a flexible training programme. You can engage expert and pay them for facilitating on your behalf.

The importance of skill acquisition cannot be overemphasized. Today government is giving support to many business hubs that are involved in vocational training or youth empowerment.

The government in the past and presence has initiated many programmes like:

  • Youth Enterprise With Innovation in Nigeria (YOUWIN)
  • Subsidy Reinvestment and Empowerment Programme (SURE-P)
  • Npower
  • Graduate Internship Scheme (GIS)
  • Youth Entrepreneur Support Program (YES-P)
  • Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agencies (SMEDAN)
  • The National Directorate of Employment (NDE)

The government also supports companies that are involved in capacity building with funds and other support for them to better position themselves to provide quality training and capacity building programmes.

You can do e-training. Training people using the digital format like online training, video, audio, and ebook.

If you are interested in raising funds to either kickstart or expand your vocational centre, you will need a well-prepared business plan for that purpose.

To help you source for funds, we have developed a standard skill acquisition business plan with 3 years financial projections.


Our standard skill acquisition business plan comes with 3 years financial analysis that includes sales projections, income statements, balance sheets, breakeven analysis, cash flow among others.

The business plan is developed to help you save money, time and energy and most importantly, raise fund to kickstart or scale your business up. Why waste time and energy to write a business plan that will take a couple of months to complete yet you won’t still get it right? Why not get our already developed standard skill acquisition business plan with 3 years financial analysis and make some changes to suit your needs?

When you get our standard skill acquisition business plan with 3 years analysis, what you need to do is to change the name, contact details, company details, founders details and other info to suit your need and present it to anyone (bank, investor, grant competition etc).

The standard skill acquisition business plan is in MS words and the financial is in excel. so that you can deliver to your inbox immediately and you can easily change it to suit your needs.

NOTE: if you don’t like an already developed business plan (generic) and you need a tailor-made and a unique business plan to be developed for your business, kindly call 08022633050 or email me on


The 3 years financial includes startup cost, fixed monthly expenses, cash flow, income statements, balance sheets, sales projections, breakeven analysis, salaries and wages, the ratio among other analysis.


Details About The Business Plan

Format: MS Words and Excel(3 financial analysis)

Take a look at the table of content:

1)      Table of Contents

2)      Executive Summary: The summary includes introduction, products and services description, marketing and sales among others

3)      Company Overview: this includes

  1. Mission Statement
  2. History and Current Status
  3. Markets and Products
  4. Objectives
  5. Keys to success

4)      Product or Service description.

5)      Industry and Market Analysis

  1. Introduction
  2. Industry analysis
  3. Market analysis
  4. Customer analysis
  5. Competitor analysis
  6. SWOT Analysis

6)      Marketing Strategy

  1. Target Market Strategy
  2. Product/Service Strategy
  3. Pricing Strategy
  4. Distribution Strategy
  5. Advertising and Promotion Strategy
  6. Sales Strategy
  7. Marketing and Sales Forecasts

7)      Operations

  1. Operations Strategy
  2. The scope of Operations
  3. Operating Expenses

8)      Development

  1. Development Strategy
  2. Development Timeline
  3. Development Expenses

9)      Management

  1. Company Organization
  2. Management Team
  3. Administrative Expenses

10)   Summary of Financials

  1. Financial Assumptions
  2. Financial Forecasts
  3. Projected Cash Flow
  4. Income Statements

iii.      Balance sheet

  1. Profit and loss
  2. Profit Margin, chart etc
  3. Financial Risks

11)   Appendices

Support for Product/Service Description (e.g., diagrams, pictures, etc.)

Financial Statements

  • Income Statement [3 years]
  • Balance Sheets [3 years]
  • Cash Flow Statements [3 years]
  • Ratio Analysis [3 years]
  • Other supporting financial statements


How to Access This standard skill acquisition business plan with 3 years financial analysis

This standard skill acquisition business plan with 3 years financial analysis should cost you N20,000, but you are not going to give you for that amount. To book for your business plan, kindly call 08022633050 or email me on